Facebook product data scientist interview: case study

Last updated: Nov. 9, 2023
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Leon Wei

Facebook's data scientists are separated into 3 different tracks: analytics, engineer, and ML.

We recently had a chat with one of our members Jennie, who received a great job offer from Facebook as a product data scientist (analytics track). 

Even though she didn't accept the offer, she has a few other offers and decided to join a startup. 

She enjoyed the overall interviewing process. However, after the final round of interviews, she had to wait about two weeks before getting the final decision.

Jennie was grateful that the recruiter kept in touch at least every week and kept her in the loop.

The only thing she hoped they would've done better is the time it takes to get the final notice. She 

She shared her overall interview experience, and we hope it will be helpful for anyone interested in Facebook.



Candidate: Jennie

How it gets started: recruiter contacted through LinkedIn.

Job level: E4

Year of Experience: 3-5

Degree: M.S. in Statistics

Offer: Yes

TC: ~200K USD

Location: Menlo Park, CA

Interview process: 2 months

Preparation: 4 months

Has a job: yes

Decide to join: No


First round: 30 minutes informational call with a recruiter, talked about current work, and asked to schedule a technical interview with a team member.


Second round: half SQL, half product sense. 

    SQL question: friend acceptance rate (similar to sqlpad question #91

    Product sense: should we add a LOVE button on Facebook? Why?


Third round: Product sense (based on the feedback from the last round)

How to decide if two friends are the 'BEST' friends?

Final round: (4 interviewers) 

  1. Analysis: Product. KPIs to evaluate a new feature/product
  2. Analysis: Applied data. Engagement dropped 15 percent. What would you do?
  3. Quantitative analysis: probability, prior/post probability, a/b testing
  4. Technical analysis: SQL


Received the offer two weeks after the final round.

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