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SQL Cheat Sheet for Interviews |sqlpad.io
SQL Oct. 14, 2023

SQL Cheat Sheet for Interviews

Quick SQL cheat sheet for interviews: master key commands and concepts. Essential guide for developers and data enthusiasts prepping for tech discussions.

PostgreSQL vs MySQL |sqlpad.io
SQL Oct. 8, 2023

PostgreSQL vs MySQL

Explore an in-depth comparison of PostgreSQL vs. MySQL. Understand their histories, architectures, performance metrics, and ideal use-cases.

Top SQL IDEs in 2023 |sqlpad.io
SQL April 25, 2023

Top SQL IDEs in 2023

Discover the top 11 SQL IDEs in 2023 for data engineers, with detailed analysis of features, pros, cons, and pricing to help you choose the perfect to

Best No-Code Data Analytics Tools |sqlpad.io
TOOLS April 25, 2023

Best No-Code Data Analytics Tools

List of no code data analytics tools, pros and cons and key features. Including Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio, skills.ai, etc.

Spotify data scientist interview |sqlpad.io
SQL April 8, 2022

Spotify data scientist interview

Spotify Data Scientist interview case study with an instamentor mentee: SQL, Python, Statistics, Product Case Study, take-home challenge.

Amazon Data Engineer job interview |sqlpad.io
SQL Dec. 12, 2021

Amazon Data Engineer job interview

Amazon data engineer job interview case study from an instamentor mentee: sample ETL, data modeling, SQL, data warehouse design questions.

Amazon Economist Job Interview |sqlpad.io
CAREER Nov. 29, 2021

Amazon Economist Job Interview

Amazon Economist job interview case study, SQL coding, Time Series Analysis, Forecasting system design, leadership and behavioral questions

SQLPad Q&A |sqlpad.io
SQL July 22, 2021


SQLPad founder Leon Wei, recently did an AMA on Reddit r/sql, he answered some great questions in database, data science, latest technology, industry trends, gr

Job search mistakes to avoid |sqlpad.io
SQL March 5, 2021

Job search mistakes to avoid

Common mistakes to avoid in a job search: applying for dream company too early, generic resume, unprepared on behavioral questions, missing out