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Welcome to sqlpad.io!

Hi, my name is Leon, I built sqlpad.io to accommodate the Cracking the SQL Interview for Data Scientist course, which I launched in June 2020.

What will I get from SQLPad and Cracking the SQL Interview course?

You will say goodbye to the stress of wondering which SQL operations to focus on, and know how to efficiently spend your next few weeks.

You will practice and solve 80 SQL exercises to fine tune your SQL skills.

You will master all the essential SQL concepts and operations for a data analytics professional.

You will learn tips and techniques to avoid common mistakes in a data scientist SQL interview.

You become a confident data scientist candidate entering a SQL interview.

You will develop a great SQL coding style that impresses the interviewer.

You will significantly shorten the path to land your dream job.

Commonly asked questions

Not sure if SQLPad is right for you? Wonder why you need to take the course?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our customers

My name is Leon, a senior data science and machine learning executive currently working at a top tech company in Silicon Valley.

I’ve been using SQL for over 10 years, and it is still my go to programming language to prepare data.

Before moving to Silicon Valley, I was a research scientist at Amazon where I worked on real time pricing optimization with a large scale machine learning system.

I recently launched Cracking the SQL Interview for Data Scientists course, and I need a platform for my students to easily follow the course and be able to practice SQL interview coding problems, and I can't find a solution online, so I created SQLPad.

The nice thing about sqlpad.io is that everything can be done in a browser, and my students don't have to waste hours to configure the database on their own computers.

I created both Fullstack Data Scientist School (datascientistschool.com) and sqlpad.io.

SQL is a must know programming language for any analytics track data scientists, it is the  lingra fraca  for processing and managing data in the industry. I’ve been using SQL for many years, and it is still my go to language to prepare and manage data.

However, it is not a strong-typed language, and there are many popular database systems with different syntaxes and built-in functions, it could be very confusing for first timers.

As a hiring manager or part of the hiring committee, I often ask a lot of SQL questions during a data scientist job interview, and to make sure the candidate will be hands-on at work.

However, in my 15 years career, I have met so many fresh college graduates or young professionals starting their job searches without a solid coding skills in SQL, and in the end, they didn’t get a job offer.

The SQL interview can have other names or formats such as Technical Analysis during a FAANG company interview, you might be asked to perform a series of SQL operations to extract data and insights, and answer follow up questions.

(*) FAANG: facebook, amazon, apple, netflx and google

The Cracking SQL Interview course focuses mainly on improving a candidate's SQL interview skills, saving their time by concentrating on things that really matter.

We have seen satisfied customers ranging from fresh college STEM students searching their first industry jobs, and young professionals who want to switch their career track to work on data science.

SQLPad and the SQL interview course significantly improved their hands-on data processing capabilities, with laser focused learning materials, to help land their dream job offers.

Yep. Both tiers: SQLPad Pro account (excluding video course, $19/mon) and the Cracking SQL Interview course (40 lectures, 20 videos, $49/mon) come with a 30 day money back policy.

The 1:1 mentoring service refund is done case by case, and it is in compliance with teachable's coaching service policy.

There is definitely a lot to prepare to land your first job, especially given the current COVID-19 situation, hiring managers receive a lot more applications from qualified candidates, and it pushes the hiring bar significantly higher than before.

If you are interested to know more about how to prepare a data scientist interview, I wrote a blog to explain different types of data scientists tracks.

And if you are interested in find a job search mentor to help you get started with a concrete plan. Feel free to hire me.

I designed and created those 80 SQL exercises all by myself, and it took many long hours of hard work during nights and weekend, therefore you are not allowed to use any of those exercises outside of this website, without my permission.

If you represent a company and are interested to acquire a license to use my interview problems for your hiring process, please feel free to contact me. .

Sure, I’d love to hear from you and I will respond within 24 hours. Just send me an email or connect with me on Twitter.

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