Why choose HackerRank vs. SQLPad?

SQLPad is a HackerRank alternative for learning rather than competing.

HackerRank is a great place to compete in Hackathons events, solving futuristic coding problem that are sometimes less relevant with real business problems.

While SQLPad takes a lead on helping data science and data analytics candidates for their SQL coding interviews from a business perspective.

Every one of 180 SQL coding questions carefully curated, designed from business and product analytics perspective. Working on those coding problems feels like working on your real day to day analytics job.

Finally, a complete SQL coding interview preparation path all data scientists and data analysts will love.

We also curated a list of 100 company specific SQL coding questions including popular FAANG companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, Airbnb, TikTok for laser focused practicing.

HackerRank is for coding competitions but we teach you business and product data science

180 SQL coding questions curated for data analysts, data scientists, business intelligence professionals

🧑‍💻 Our approach to tackling a SQL interview is to first teach you SQL fundamentals with the cracking the SQL Interview for data scientists course before asking you to jump into the coding war.

📹 More than 20 video lectures to learn SQL fundamentals and tips and tricks help you understand what a SQL interview is about.

🏋️‍♀️ After you grasp the basics, you then jump into SQL coding questions that challenge you and make sure you mastered those SQL fundamental concepts.

😱 HackerRank jumps directly into challenging SQL coding questions that has a steep learning curve, some of those questions are not so intuitive from business perspective. The questions may frustrates you, make your underestimate yourself, especially if you just started.

📈 Instead, SQLPad has a more gradual, more user-friendly learning experience for all SQL skill levels.

🍿 The first 80 SQL coding questions are based on the same Movie rental database, which resembles a real-world commerce business.

🤗 From easy-level questions to medium and hard level SQL coding questions, you gradually build up a good understanding of the database schema by practicing those questions.

👩‍💻 And by the time you are to solve some of the most advanced SQL interview questions (#58-80), such as WINDOW functions, ROW_NUMBER, RANK OR NTILE , or LAG/Lead, you are already familiar with those tables. You can jump right into the coding environment after learning the concepts.

👩‍💻 Finally, if you are preparing for a specific company interview, we have a lot of company specific SQL coding questions to get you even more prepared.

Are you a data science professional?

Don't just take our word for it, our customers have aced interviews at FAANG companies and received awesome job offers.

FAANG(*): Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google

Dream job offer from  Apple!

Hi @Leon and @Mike ,

Just wanted to share, I accepted an offer from Apple as a Data Engineer and wanted to offer a huge thank you to both of you guys.

Even though I only shared a small time with you both I benefited a lot from your platform and your mock interviews.

Some of the questions you gave during our Data Modeling with you Mike were presented verbatim.

The mock interview helped me do it in the right way

💬 SQLPad helped me gain mastery of all the core SQL concepts in a structured manner with a thoughtfully designed business schema. The associated articles and videos are also very well produced and helped me get a better understanding of translating business questions to actual SQL code. Highly recommended for anyone looking to deepen their SQL skills and those applying for data analytics roles.

Shoutout to Leon Wei from instamentor.com.

Please do reach out to him if you're looking for career advice, general consulting, or resume feedback. I found his services extremely valuable.

And while you're at it, please do check out SQLPad if you're looking to refresh your SQL concepts.

Recommending him!

Shout out to Leon Wei from instamentor.com, recommending him if you are searching for great advises and mentorship for your #datasciences career.

Dream data scientist job offer!

I've tried several sites to practice SQL and sqlpad.io is my favorite because the questions are well-designed to focus on the most important concepts. Some of the other sites are all over the place.

With sqlpad.io, I can focus on questions by skill level or topic, and the number of questions available is a reasonable amount to study for interview prep.

In addition, I got mentoring sessions with Leon and I was impressed at how helpful it was. Leon was calm and knowledgeable, which helped my nerves over my up-coming interview.

He really takes mentoring seriously and it makes a big difference. After practicing my SQL, I got my data science dream job!

- Jennifer

Data Scientist

Simply put, SQLPad is not the cheapest SQL interview prep site, but its high quality SQL interview questions makes it worth every penny. You can't practice anywhere else of such well thought and carefully designed business context oriented list of SQL coding questions.

I nailed my SQL interviews and received multiple Data Scientists offers that potentially double my currently salary, which makes the few hundreds dollars purchase of SQLPad lifetime bundle a steal.

I can always come back and use SQLPad when I want to prepare my next SQL interview.

- James

Incoming FAANG Data Scientist

sqlpad.io seems more intuitive and lightweight where some of the other sites try to do too much and they're a bit cumbersome to use. I like the Leaderboard. Probably my biggest reason for signing up was the fact that you gave so much information away for free. I signed up for your emails, was going through the mini courses, using the Playground and I got more benefit out of all of that in two weeks than I did at the other websites. Glad I found sqlpad.io and instamentor.com.

Yes, I really like it too. Simple, straightforward and to the point. It is really helping me a big time. Yesterday, I have solved a few questions on sqlpad and the similar problem I had to solve at work today. The methodology really helped me to build an efficient solution. I can recommend this platform to my friends and colleagues without any doubt.

- Karanpal Singh

Data scientist

I want to give a big shout out to @DataLeonWei, founder of SQLPad. Absolutely had the pleasure of learning SQL on SQLPad. There are 80 plus SQL challenges ranging from easy to hard. I can now say that I have become more confident.

Worked through all the problems at sqlpad - Great teaching / refresher tool and highly recommended!

I have been relearning SQL and sqlpad has been a great resource. There is a good ratio of a new concept to practice questions! Highly recommended.

💬 "I signed up on SQLPad and was pleasantly surprised when Leon helped me out personally on the website.

In two mock interviews with him from instamentor.com, he was meticulously prepared and very professional.

Throughout the interview he provided fantastic feedback and frameworks on how to be better prepared for both technical and behavioural aspects of an interview. He is also a very positive and friendly person and I enjoyed all my interactions with him.

— Rahul Nayak

Senior Business Intelligence Engineer

💬 SQLPad is the best website I have used for practicing SQL. The databases and practice problems resemble real-world data and daily tasks in a data scientist / data analyst role. I landed a new job as a data scientist at a tech company after completing all the practice problems. I would definitely recommend SQLPad to all who would like to improve their SQL skills and prepare for technical interviews.

— William

Data scientist, received a great job offer at a top tech company

💬 This course helped me get into a final round of a data scientist interview at Facebook. Didn't get an offer eventually because I didn't do well during the product sense round. However I got great feedback for my SQL interview session. Highly recommend this course to any fresh college graduates.

— Justin

Data scientist candidate, final round of Facebook interview

💬 I want to thank you for creating this website and it is a great resource for anyone to practice. I really appreciate the effort. I feel so confident with SQL after practicing here.

— Juhi

Data science professional

💬 I am currently in question 30, I really like some of the questions you posted here. Also thank you for your excellent customer service !!!! Thanks 👋👋👋

— Mamath

Data scientist candidate


💬 Enjoying it so far, love the mix with practical exercises and the focus to land a job, that's really important because normal courses do not prepare you for interviews. Also, Leon is really kind and helpful.

— Jose

Data scientist

💬 SQLPad helped me to learn and practice for Software Engineer position interview. First I didn't create account, was solving and skipping the ones I could not solve but after interview I turned back to finish the rest and to get myself ready.

— Umedzhon

Software engineer

💬 This site is a great resource for SQL interview practice questions. The interface is excellent! And even as someone who currently uses SQL for their day job, I have definitely improved my skills by working through these problems.

— Kyle

Data scientist candidate

💬 Thanks for sqlpad. Really loving the experience. As someone transitioning into a data analyst position this is a great resource. Looking forward to your mentorship program.

— Su

Transitioning into data analyst


💬 Great course on SQL. Very comprehensive. All the SQL material I've pales compared to this.

— Len

Fresh Data Science Graduate