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Meet Interview AI: your round-the-clock interview coach. Upload a job role or use our existing templates. Get tailored questions, practice, and ace interviews with detailed feedback for improvement. Get your dream job offer today!

With a background as a senior manager at ο£Ώ Apple, where I've conducted thousands of interviews, I've realized how significant a targeted and personalized interview prep can be. I've often seen brilliant individuals lose out on opportunities, not for lack of skill or experience, but due to insufficient practice for the interview itself. That's why I've launched Interview-AI.

Our platform allows you to upload a job description and practice with an AI that tailors questions specifically for you. It's like having a personalized interview coach available 24/7, providing real-time feedback to help you ace your interviews. 


Dear SQLPad.io Users,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new feature that many of you have been eagerly waiting for: Dark Mode!

At SQLPad.io, we understand the importance of providing a comfortable and user-friendly environment for our valued users. With the addition of Dark Mode, we aim to enhance your experience by reducing eye strain and making those long coding sessions easier on your eyes.

To enable Dark Mode, just click the theme mode button on the navbar.

We hope you enjoy the dark mode, happy SELECTing!



Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce our latest Resume Optimization AI  try it FREE for a Limited Time!.

Effortlessly optimize your resume by simply uploading a job description and current resume.

Our AI delivers a customized resume, pinpointing gaps and highlighting your most relevant core skills and experiences, ensuring a lasting impression and improved odds of securing your dream job!


πŸš€ Introducing SQLPad's AI-Powered Mock Interview Service πŸš€

Try interview ai free: https://sqlpad.io/interview-ai/

πŸ’Ό How does it work?
1. Simply upload your desired job description.
2. Our cutting-edge AI will analyze the requirements and generate a customized mock interview experience.
3. Practice, improve, and gain the confidence you need to ace your interview!

🌟 Key features:
βœ… Personalized: Get tailor-made questions based on the job description you provide.
βœ… Realistic: Experience interview scenarios that mimic real-life situations.
βœ… Feedback: Receive AI-generated feedback and guidance to sharpen your skills. (Paid members only)
βœ… Convenient: Practice anytime, anywhere - no need to schedule or rely on others.
βœ… Track Progress: view all of your past mock interview records in one place.

🎯 Don't leave your dream job to chance! Master your interview skills and boost your confidence with SQLPad's AI-Powered Mock Interview Service. Get started today and land that dream role faster than ever before!


SQLPad launches customized mock interview, upload a job description and start practice mock interview with the latest AI.

Introducing Mock AI

Feb. 5, 2023

Perfect your interview skills with automated AI mock interview.

Try Mock AI Free For A Limited Time!

Attention Job Seekers! Get ready to ace your next interview with our cutting-edge AI mock interview service. And the best part? It's completely free for a limited time! Sign up now and take the first step towards landing your dream job. Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your interview game. Try it free now!

Details: https://sqlpad.io/mock-ai/

Introducing Resume AI

Dec. 17, 2022

Why Resume AI?

In the last two years, we've helped our customers improving their professional resumes with our Resume feedback service, and we've gained unique insights into what makes a resume successful.

Recruiters spend an average of 15 seconds scanning through each candidate's resume, so it's important to get your resume right before applying for a job.

We have noticed that many people, particularly those who are non-native English speakers, applied jobs with resumes that are not up to par, resulting in missed opportunities at their desired companies

Utilizing OpenAI's GPT-3 technology, we have developed a sophisticated resume builder to help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

To share our insights and expertise, we are introducing Resume AI, an AI-powered tool that leverages OPENAI's GPT-3 technology to assist you in creating an outstanding resume.

Of course, if you still want us to manually review your resume, feel free to book a Resume Feedback session on instamentor.com


How to use Resume AI

Our tool is straightforward to use - simply input a Situation, Action, Result (SAR) statement and the AI assistant will generate a polished, professional SAR statement for you.

Or you can use AI to rewrite your content to make it sounds more professional.


Any questions or feedback?

please feel free to email us or share in our forum.


What other AI tools will you launch?

Resume AI is just the beginning of our efforts to leverage the latest AI technology to build a suite of career AI tools.

We are planning to expand to include tools for crafting effective cover letters, preparing for behavioral questions in interviews, composing professional thank-you letters, and possibly even negotiating salaries.

Stay tuned for updates on these exciting new offerings and subscribe (check the box) to our product news emails.



To use Resume AI, you agree with our Terms of Service.

We've received multiple requests from our enterprise customers that they want to use our question bank to test their job candidates.

The request has been answered with SQLPad Interview.


Right now only verified hiring companies can purchase a skill assessment session. 

After a successful purchase, a client will receive an email with a set of unique links, which you can forward to your candidate to work on. Each link corresponds to a purchased session. If you've bought 5 sessions, you will receive 5 unique links, where the questions will be hosted.

The client will be notified through email after a job candidate has finished the online assessment, and will be auto-graded, a detailed report will also be sent for further review.

sqlpad has launched an online assessment service for hiring companies.

We've added Python/Pandas support!

Why Python?

In the last few years, companies such as LinkedIn, Apple, Spotify, and Google started to mix the data processing and data engineering interviews by asking skills beyond SQL.

A candidate is expected to solve the same data manipulation and transformation problems using Python.

For example, a candidate is asked to first find the top 3 products from the past sales table using SQL and then answer the same question with Pandas.

Why Pandas?

Pandas is simply the most popular data analysis library in Python that every data scientist candidate is expected to know. 

How to practice your questions in Python/Pandas?

sqlpad.io added python/pandas support for the online coding playground.

To practice 200+ coding questions, simply switch the default engine to pandas. 

Since pandas support is new, we are limiting this feature to our paid customers for now.

If you want to practice those coding questions using pandas, please upgrade to our premium plan.



MySQL is available!

Jan. 26, 2022

Huge win for those preparing for MySQL specific job interviews.

Now you can practice all SQL coding questions in MySQL.

All you need is to switch to MySQL by changing your default database on the top left of the code editor.

You can also switch back to Postgres.

Enjoy and happy SELECTing!

Welcome to the newest way to experience the best of what SQLPad has to offer. Refer your friends and receive real money, when they become paid members, you receive 50% of the commission.

How it works

Click to join the program: https://sqlpad.getrewardful.com/


Questions? Contact us

Just reached 150 SQL coding questions today, including 70 (and counting) company-specific SQL coding questions.

1. Once you finish 90% of the coding questions, you will receive your certificate.

sqlpad certificate linkedin integration

2. Click Add to profile button and share your great achievement on LinkedIn.

sqlpad certificate linkedin integration


2000 registered users

Aug. 12, 2021

SQLPad just reached 2000 registered users. ~ 1 year since launch.

Feeling extremely humbled and thankful! 

As I have got a chance to meet so many wonderful, hard-working, and dedicated, and interesting people.

Thank you all for joining SQLPad!

You SELECTed a great community/platform. πŸ˜ƒ

red and gray concrete house

πŸ† March Madness Final Results

Congratulations to our Final top 10. After 30 days of selecting and joining, the winners are...

πŸ… #1. Nisheeth (384)

πŸ… #2. Amitkaushal (334)

πŸ… #3. Ggofat (332)

πŸ… #4. Arthur (306)

πŸ… #5. Joan (280)

πŸ… #6. Peter (227)

πŸ… #7. Shashank5 (226)

πŸ… #8. Karma (173)

πŸ… #9. Data (161)

πŸ… #10. Antonvoroncov74 (146)

We will be in touch shortly for you winners to pick up the reward.

πŸ† Rewards (Partnered with instamentor.com)

Choose one of the following career services:

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We just added a copy button to make solution copying 10x easier.

See it in action:

sqlpad | solution copy in action

Updates on Cracking the Data Scientist SQL Interview Course page

For everyone who has purchased Cracking the Data Scientist SQL Interview Course  (thank you! πŸ™πŸΌ), all the misleading 'lock' symbols and the Buy It Now button will be replaced with a welcoming 'view' symbol and Start Learning button.

Here is a screenshot of the new Course Homepage.

πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ SQLPad.io has just passed 600 customers today! 😱

People have been using sqlpad.io to learn SQL or prepare their SQL interviews.

Since its launch, over 15,000 SQL coding problems have been solved cumulatively by customers from over 30 countries.

Feeling extremely humbled and grateful for our customers, thanks for trying out sqlpad.io

To celebrate this milestone, we are adding a free certificate (permanently hosted on sqlpad.io) for everyone who completes all 80 SQL coding exercises.

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Server upgrade

Dec. 30, 2020

Upgraded SQLPad's backend server, costs went up 50%, but it will provide a much better customer experience.

Lower response time, faster query execution, less likely to run into a server crash.

Introducing FTPR

Dec. 24, 2020

Introducing FTPR: first time passing rate.

It's computed as the number of times this question is solved by a first try!

Our goal is to provide some hint to indicate how challenging or tricky a problem is, for our customers, hope it will be a helpful metric. Cheers!

Last month of 2020, feel like celebrating the holidays and having some fun writing SQL queries? Let's SELECT some coding problems today.!

Current December leaderboard

    Users can choose not to participate by unenrolling on leaderboard page.


Updated course page

Dec. 18, 2020

Rebuilt the course page to make it much easier for our users to navigate across the 45 lectures.

You can visit the new course page now!

You asked, ... and we delivered πŸ˜ƒ

You can now resize the code editor window horizontally by simply dragging a vertical bar in the middle.

The minimum and maximum width of the left sidebar (including question panel and expected results panel) have been set as 25% and 50%, respectively, so you never have to worry about accidentally making it too big or too small.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and if you have any product suggestions or feedback, please don't hesitate to let us know.