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Hello, everyone!

We're thrilled to announce a new feature that many of you have requested – the Last Submission Tab on our question detail page.

Previously, your last submission was displayed directly within the code editor. We understood your feedback: while practicing coding questions, you wanted a clean slate to start over without losing your previous work. You asked, and we listened!

Last submission tab | sqlpad.io


What's New?

  • Last Submission Tab: Your last submitted code will now be saved automatically and discreetly. No more spoilers in your code editor!
  • Clean Slate, Every Time: Start practicing a question with a clear code editor. Your past submission won't be staring back at you unless you want it to.
  • Easy Access: Want to review your last attempt? Simply click on the Submission Tab. It's all there, exactly as you left it.
  • Persistent Storage: Refresh your page, come back later, and your code will still be there, safe in the Submission Tab, ready when you are.

How It Works?

  1. Practice: Code your solution and submit your answer as usual.
  2. Submit: Once submitted, your code automatically moves to the Last Submission Tab.
  3. Re-Practice: Return to a clean editor for a fresh start on any problem.
  4. Review: Click the Submission Tab to review your last submission at any time.

We believe this update will enhance your practice experience, allowing you to focus on solving problems while still keeping your progress at your fingertips.

This feature is live now! Give it a try during your next practice session and see how it changes your coding workflow for the better.

Thank you for your feedback and support. It's your input that helps us make [Platform Name] better every day. We're excited to see how you use this new feature and look forward to bringing you more improvements in the future.

Happy SELECTing!


We're excited to announce a new feature that's rolling out to all our users: the 5-Minute Test Run for mock interviews! This innovative feature is designed to ensure that your technical setup is flawless before you dive into the real deal.

What's the 5-Minute Test Run?

Our 5-Minute Test Run allows you to check your microphone, speakers, and overall system compatibility, ensuring everything is in perfect working order. This feature is a quick, easy way to test your setup, giving you the confidence that technical difficulties won't interrupt your interview preparation.

interview ai test run


Why We Love It:

  • Check Your Tech: Test your microphone and speakers to ensure clear audio.
  • Avoid Surprises: Confirm your system's compatibility with our platform.
  • Boost Your Confidence: Start your mock interview knowing everything works smoothly.


Fair Usage Policy:

To maintain the quality of our service and prevent abuse, each user is allowed two test runs. We believe this strikes the right balance between offering a valuable service and ensuring fair access for all our users.

How to Use It:

Simply visit Interview AI after log in to your account, select the 5-Minute Test Run option from the dashboard, and follow the prompts to start your test. It's that easy!

Get Started Now!

This feature is now available to all users. Don't let technical issues be a barrier to your success. Use the 5-Minute Test Run to ensure your setup is interview-ready.

Thank you for choosing us for your interview preparation journey. We're here to support you every step of the way. If you have any feedback or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.


We're excited to announce some handy new features on SQLPad.io that will make your coding sessions even more efficient and user-friendly!

🚀 New Run Button Shortcut - CTRL + Enter: We've added a 'Run' button, complete with a shortcut - CTRL + Enter. This feature allows you to execute code seamlessly without having to check results immediately. It's perfect for those who prefer to evaluate their code in stages and see intermediate results. This addition is especially useful for breaking down complex queries or testing parts of your code on the fly.