Apple Data Scientist Interview

Last updated: Dec. 20, 2023
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Leon Wei

Here is an Apple data scientist interview case study.

Apple Data Scientist interview summary

How it gets started: H.R. reached out on LinkedIn.

Job Level: Senior (IC4) 

Year of Experience: 8 years

Degree: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

Offer: Yes

T.C.: ~300K USD

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Interview process: 8 weeks

Team: Siri

Preparation: 2 months

Has a job: yes

Apple Data Scientist interview round 1: recruiter call

Team introduction, resume deep dive, relocation and other logistics discussion.

Apple Data Scientist interview round 2: data scientist peer technical round: Apple SQL Interview Questions 

Given a table of user login info, count the daily active users on each platform.

Apple Data Scientist interview round 3: hiring manager technical round

Team introduction, relevant experience, resume deep dive, how to cluster Siri users into different groups/segments, what algorithm to use and how to decide the number of clusters, how to evaluate the clusters.

Apple Data Scientist interview virtual onsite(4 rounds): 

  1. TPM: basic product sense questions, how to improve iCloud.
  2. Data scientist: favorite machine learning project, how to predict user utterance intention (for example, if a user ask tell me about apple, how do we know if it is regarding the fruit or the company).
  3. Hiring manager: why apple? Are you more interested in business problems or technical problems? Some A/B testing and statistics questions.
  4. Director: what do you think you can bring to apple? What is your most proud project? Any questions for me?

Apple Data Scientist offer

Received the offer two weeks after the virtual onsite interview.

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