179. Members who ever moved from Microsoft to Google

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Table: employment

Employment history of all LinkedIn members

    Column    |          Type       
 member_id    | bigint       
 company_name | character varying(100)
 start_date   | integer                

Sample results

(2 rows)

Solution postgres

FROM employment E1
JOIN employment E2
ON E1.member_id = E2.member_id
WHERE E1.start_date < E2.start_date
AND E1.company_name = 'Microsoft'
AND E2.company_name = 'Google'


This query is looking for members of a company who have worked for both Microsoft and Google, but started at Microsoft before moving on to Google.

  • The SELECT statement is pulling the member_id column from the employment table, which contains information about each member's employment history.
  • The FROM clause specifies the employment table, but it is listed twice with different aliases (E1 and E2) to enable a self-join.
  • The JOIN statement links the two instances of the employment table based on the member_id column, so that the query will only return records where a member has worked at both Microsoft and Google.
  • The WHERE clause filters the results further by only selecting records where the member started at Microsoft first (E1.start_date < E2.start_date) and worked for both Microsoft and Google (E1.company_name = 'Microsoft' AND E2.company_name = 'Google').
  • Finally, the DISTINCT keyword ensures that each member_id is only returned once, even if they have worked for Microsoft and Google multiple times.

Expected results

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