164. Orders distribution by brand

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Table 1: walmart_brand

  col_name    | col_type
brand_id      | bigint
brand_name    | text
product_id    | bigint

Table 2: walmart_order

  col_name    | col_type
order_id      | bigint
product_id    | bigint
order_dt      | date
qty           | integer

Sample results

 brand_category | count
 High           |     1
 Low            |     2
 Medium         |     2

Solution postgres

WITH brand_sales AS (
    SELECT B.brand_id, COUNT(order_id) AS cnt
    FROM walmart_order O
    INNER JOIN walmart_brand B
    ON B.product_id = O.product_id
    WHERE order_dt >= '2021-08-01'
    AND   order_dt <= '2021-08-31'
    GROUP BY B.brand_id
                      WHEN cnt < 8 THEN 'Medium'
                      WHEN cnt >= 8 THEN 'High'
                      ELSE NULL END AS brand_category,
FROM brand_sales


This query is designed to categorize brands based on the number of orders they received during the month of August 2021.

First, the query creates a Common Table Expression (CTE) called "brand_sales" that aggregates the number of orders for each brand. The CTE uses an inner join to match order data from the "walmart_order" table with product data from the "walmart_brand" table. The WHERE clause filters the results to only include orders placed in August 2021. The resulting table has two columns: "brand_id" and "cnt" (short for count).

Next, the main query uses a CASE statement to create three categories for brands based on their order count: "Low" for brands with 3 or fewer orders, "Medium" for brands with more than 3 but less than 8 orders, and "High" for brands with 8 or more orders. The query then counts the number of brands in each category and groups the results by the category using the GROUP BY clause.

Overall, this query provides a simple way to analyze brand performance based on order volume, which could be useful for identifying popular products or evaluating marketing strategies.

Expected results

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