Become a SQLPad Affiliate

Share SQLPad with your friends and earn $30 on every new customer you refer.

How it works

Future Rewards Await: For every successful referral, pocket a neat $30 – with no cap on your earnings potential.

Secure Your Distinctive Link: By joining our affiliate program, you'll be provided a unique tracking link tailored just for you.

Engage Your Network: Promote your link through your website, social channels, or any platform of your choice. Each sign-up via your link will be credited to your account.

Continuous Earning: With every successful purchase made by a customer through your referral, you're guaranteed a $30 reward. With no upper limit, the sky's the limit for your earnings!

SQLPad Affiliate Program

SQLPad Affiliate Earnings Calculator

How much can I make from SQLPad affiliate commission?

Referrals: 1 per month

Estimated Earnings: $30 per month

💰 How much can I earn?

With 10 referrals a month, you can earn $300. The more you promote, the more you profit. Given the high demand skills such as SQL and Python, the opportunities are vast. With no earnings cap, your outreach and passion set your limits.

💰 How am I getting paid?

We partner with Rewardful and process payments via PayPal, so a PayPal account is required. All payments are made in US dollars, and any subsequent exchange rates or processing fees are set by the relevant financial institutions.

⏰ How soon will I receive my commission?

We partner with Rewardful to track and process your commission to verify and approve your commission. Once approved, you will receive your commission in about 30 days.

😂 Can I use it for my own purchase?

No, using your own affiliate link to receive a "discount" on your SQLPad purchase is prohibited. Our partner Rewardful will identify such actions. It will result in the termination of your affiliate account, and any earned commissions will be forfeited.