88. Top song report

medium spotify


  • ******************************************************************************************************2021-01-01 - 2021-01-07
  • ************************************
  • *********************************************
  • *****************************************

Table 1: song

  col_name   | col_type
   song_id   | bigint
   title     | varchar(1000)
   artist_id | bigint

Table 2: song_plays

Number of times a song is played (streamed), aggregated on daily basis.

  col_name   | col_type
 date        | date
 country     | varchar(2)
 song_id     | bigint
 num_plays   | bigint

Sample results

 country |        title        | num_plays
 AU      | Hot                 |  11734009
 CA      | Bad Guy             |   5430133
 CN      | Dynamite            |   4758076
 DE      | High Fashion        |   8802157
 ES      | Yummy               |   4819624
 FR      | Does To Me          |   9416258
 IN      | Laugh Now Cry Later |  10754927

Solution postgres

WITH song_plays AS (
	    MAX(S.title) AS title,	    	    
	    SUM(num_plays) num_plays
	FROM song_plays P
	ON P.song_id = S.song_id
	WHERE P.date >= '2021-01-01'
	AND P.date <= '2021-01-07'	
	GROUP BY S.song_id, P.country
song_ranking AS(
	SELECT song_id, title, country, num_plays, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY country ORDER BY num_plays DESC) AS ranking
	FROM song_plays	
SELECT country, title, num_plays
FROM song_ranking
WHERE ranking = 1;


This query is selecting data from two tables, song_plays and song, and creating two temporary tables with the "WITH" statement: song_plays and song_ranking.

The song_plays table is created by joining the song and song_plays tables on the song_id column and filtering the results to only include plays that occurred between January 1st and January 7th, 2021. The table is grouped by song_id and country, and a new column called num_plays is created by summing the number of plays for each song.

The song_ranking table is created by selecting the song_id, title, country, num_plays columns from the song_plays table and adding a new column called ranking. The ranking column is created using the ROW_NUMBER() function, which assigns a unique rank to each row based on the country and the number of plays for that song in that country. The ranking is determined by ordering the num_plays column in descending order within each country.

Finally, the query selects the country, title, and num_plays columns from the song_ranking table where the ranking is equal to 1. This returns the most played song in each country during the period between January 1st and January 7th,

Expected results

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