189. Campaign activation date

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Table 1: twitter_campaigns

List of advertising campaigns created by an ad account on Twitter.

   col_name   | col_type
 account_id   | bigint
 campaign_id  | bigint
 campaign_type| varchar(30)

Table 2: twitter_campaign_spend

Daily ad campaign spends by Twitter's advertiser accounts.

   col_name   | col_type
 campaign_id  | bigint
 date         | date
 spend        | float

Sample results

 account_id | start_date
       8006 | 2022-01-05
       8010 | null

Solution postgres

        MIN(S.date) AS start_date
FROM twitter_campaigns C
LEFT JOIN twitter_campaign_spend S
ON C.campaign_id = S.campaign_id
AND S.spend > 0


This query retrieves data from two tables, "twitter_campaigns" and "twitter_campaign_spend," and joins them together based on the campaign_id column. The "LEFT JOIN" ensures that all the data from the twitter_campaigns table is included in the results, even if there is no matching data in the twitter_campaign_spend table.

The "AND S.spend > 0" condition filters out any rows in the twitter_campaign_spend table where the spend is less than or equal to 0.

The "GROUP BY 1" statement groups the results by the account_id column, and the MIN(S.date) function returns the earliest date from the twitter_campaign_spend table for each account_id.

Overall, this query is trying to find the start date of each campaign for each account, using the earliest date when there was a spend greater than 0 in the twitter_campaign_spend table.

Expected results

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