185. Top 5 non-English contents by watch time

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Table 1: netflix_content

 col_name          | col_type
 content_id        | bigint
 content_type      | character varying(10) -- either TV or Movie
 original_language | character varying(2) -- 'EN',  'ES', 'CN', 'KO'
 release_date      | date

Table 2: netflix_daily_streaming

Daily aggregated watch time by account by content.

  col_name    | col_type
 date         | date
 account_id   | bigint
 content_id   | bigint
 duration     | int -- in seconds

Sample results

 content_id | watch_time_in_seconds
    1000224 |                 26808
    1000641 |                 24902
    1000638 |                 24627
    1000869 |                 21325
    1000580 |                 20884

Solution postgres

WITH non_english_content AS (
  SELECT content_id, release_date
  FROM netflix_content
  WHERE original_language <> 'EN'
SELECT N.content_id, SUM(duration) watch_time_in_seconds
FROM non_english_content N
INNER JOIN netflix_daily_streaming S
ON S.content_id = N.content_id
WHERE S.date <= N.release_date + 28


This query is selecting non-English Netflix content and calculating the total watch time in seconds for each content within the first 28 days of its release. The results are then grouped by content_id and ordered by watch time in descending order, with only the top five results being returned.

The first part of the query defines a temporary table non_english_content, which selects content_id and release_date from the netflix_content table where the original_language is not English.

The second part of the query uses an inner join to join the non_english_content table with the netflix_daily_streaming table on the content_id column. The WHERE clause limits the results to only those where the date in the daily_streaming table is within 28 days of the release date of the content in the non_english_content table.

The SELECT statement then calculates the total watch time in seconds for each content, grouping the results by content_id. Finally, the results are ordered in descending order by watch time and limited to the top five results.

Expected results

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