181. Users who watched less than one hour of Netflix

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Table 1: netflix_account

 col_name    | col_type
 account_id  | bigint
 country     | character varying(2)
 created_dt  | date

Table 2: netflix_daily_streaming

Daily aggregated watch time by account by content.

  col_name    | col_type
 date         | date
 account_id   | bigint
 content_id   | bigint
 duration     | int -- in seconds

Sample results

 account_id | watch_time_in_seconds
    8000022 |                  1584
    8000194 |                  1767
    8000065 |                  2141
    8000053 |                  1019

Solution postgres

SELECT A.account_id, SUM(COALESCE(S.duration, 0)) watch_time_in_seconds
FROM netflix_account A
LEFT JOIN netflix_daily_streaming S
ON S.account_id = A.account_id
AND S.date - A.created_dt <= 7
GROUP BY A.account_id
HAVING SUM(COALESCE(S.duration, 0)) < 3600;


This query is trying to find the total amount of time that each Netflix user has spent watching content on the platform.

It does this by joining the netflix_account and netflix_daily_streaming tables on the account_id field, which links each user to their viewing history. The LEFT JOIN keyword is used to include all accounts, even if they haven't watched anything yet.

The COALESCE function is used to handle cases where a user hasn't watched anything on a particular day, in which case the duration field will be null. This function replaces null values with 0, so that the sum of all durations will always be a valid number.

The GROUP BY clause is used to group the results by account_id, which means that the total watch time will be calculated for each individual user.

Finally, the HAVING clause is used to filter out any users whose total watch time is less than one hour (3600 seconds). This means that only users who have watched at least one hour of content in the past week will be included in the results.

Expected results

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