159. Transaction volume from suspended accounts

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Table 1: seller_status

Current seller status on the e-commerce platform.

  col_name       | col_type
seller_id        | bigint   
status           | varchar(20) -- 'suspended', 'active'

Table 2: transaction

E-Commerce transactions records

  col_name       | col_type
seller_id        | bigint   
transaction_id   | bigint
item_id          | bigint
total_amt        | float
transaction_dt   | date

Sample results

(1 row)

Solution postgres

SELECT SUM(total_amt) AS volume
FROM seller_status S
INNER JOIN transaction T
ON T.seller_id = S.seller_id
WHERE S.status = 'suspended'
AND transaction_dt >= '2021-08-01'
AND transaction_dt <= '2021-08-31';


This query is asking the database to add up the total amount of transactions made by sellers who are currently suspended in the month of August 2021.

To do this, the query is joining two tables, "seller_status" and "transaction", on the condition that the seller_id in both tables match. It then filters the results to only include transactions that occurred between August 1, 2021, and August 31, 2021, and only for sellers who have a status of "suspended" in the "seller_status" table.

Finally, the query renames the resulting sum of total_amt as "volume".

Expected results

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